Petition handover – Dairy Crest responds.

I spoke to the Dairy Crest representative earlier this afternoon. She has agreed to meet tomorrow afternoon outside the Hanworth Dairy main gates at 3.30pm to receive the petition which I will print out in the morning.

Let’s try to have a last minute push and remind all friends and family to get their names on the petition before then.

Of course, I will leave the petition open after the handover tomorrow, and if we get a significant increase in signatures will arrange to hand over again at a later date.

What we really need from Dairy Crest is a definitive answer and preferably timescale.

Dairy Crest say they are aware of this petition and the public feeling already, and that they will keep this in mind when making any decision. They are apparently suffering like many companies following the recession and have had to make redundancies and cuts. They must be mindful where people have lost jobs, that they don’t spend money where it may be seen as superfluous. It’s nice to think that they aren’t spending a penny anywhere in their organisation at any level which isn’t strictly necessary of course. Even their staff summer BBQ has been cancelled apparently.

It’s an interesting situation, clearly the need for these cows extends beyond the day to day running of Dairy Crest and their own public image. Perhaps they (or we) should look to the local council to provide some kind of grant or funding for the betterment and preservation of the area and its landmarks. Having said that, Dairy Crest must still have a marketing budget at some level, and this still could provide some goodwill and advertising which could benefit their business.

The handover won’t take long, so probably not a particularly exciting day out, but the Hounslow Chronicle will be taking photos. If you feel inclined to come, preferably clothed in something cow-like, please do so and you may even end up having your photo in the local paper too! I’ll be there near Snakey Lane front gates from 3.15pm

Let’s hope this petition really helps Dairy Crest make the best decision for all.

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