Great Moos, The cows WILL return!

Thank you all for signing the petition and helping to moove this issue forward.

I’m delighted to announce that I have had this confirmed by Councillor Richard Foote (who has really taken this to heart and helped enormously.)

The interesting part is that with the help of his colleague Councillor John Chatt, they unearthed the original planning permission for the then new bottling plant, and it was part of the agreement at the time, in order to be allowed to build on green belt land, that the cows remain on the roof (and indeed they should have been moved around a bit from time to time also.)

The council informed Dairy Crest that they fully intended to enforce the original planning proviso vigorously, and as a result of this (and shame if only as a result of this) Dairy Crest have agreed to reinstate them.

Of course, I am still waiting to find out more details of time scales and indeed whether an updated cow display (come on Dairy Crest, make them automatically move about a bit!) is on the cards.

I fully anticipate my single share in Dairy Crest to rise in value now 😉

Thanks again to all for leaving such emotive comments and helping make this happen.


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  1. Hi

    The cows were still not back last week when I drove past – any news on their proposed return date?

    many thanks

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