70,000 Vehicles a day

I did a bit of research, 70,000 vehicles a day pass by the cows on the A316 according to Department of Transport figures. This has been at the same levels for at least the past 10 years.

That’s 25.5 million vehicles a year. Some of these vehicles contain more than just one person (eg. buses, families, tandems etc.) ┬áso I would think doubling this figure (and considering there are pedestrians and local roads too) to 50 million viewings of the cows is a reasonable thing to do.

That’s a possible 50 million times people shouted “Look – cows!”, “cows on the roof!”, “Don’t fall cows!”, “Hello cows!”, “COWS!” etc. each year. (OK so maybe not)

Pity no-one thought to use a directional microphone and a telephoto lens to film all of those occasions and compile them into a single youtube video…OR DID THEY?

No they didn’t.

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